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To-Dos: Your April Home Checklist

April is here and spring is in the air! With the changing weather it is time to think about what you can do around your home in April to keep it in sync with the seasons. We love this list from Houzz which gives you an extensive list of things to work on over this coming month. Enjoy!


After the grueling winter some regions experienced this winter, many folks are itching to get outdoors and feel a little sun this spring. No matter where you live, answer spring’s siren call with these cleaning, freshening and gardening projects to keep your home in top shape.

1. Inspect decks, fences and paths.

The driveway, back deck and fence can take a beating over the winter. Take a walking tour of your property — if you notice any damage, schedule repairs.

2. Clean the siding.

Spring clean your home’s exterior by washing it thoroughly. Using a regular hose with an attachment to dispense soapy water is the gentlest option; depending on the type of siding, you may be able to use a power washer for a deeper clean.

3. Declutter your living space.

The transition from one season to the next is a natural time to sort through and pare back belongings. This April focus on decluttering the communal living areas of your home — the living room, dining room and kitchen — so you can enjoy coming home to a simple, restful space.

4. Make a green commitment for Earth Day.

Living a bit more lightly on our planet doesn’t need to be difficult. For instance, the next time you need to shop for a piece of furniture, seek out a reclaimed piece or shop vintage. For an everyday change, get in the habit of using cloth napkins instead of paper at the dinner table, or keep a basket of rags (cut up old T-shirts, for instance) on hand for wiping up spills.

5. Refresh your entryway, inside and out.

Erase the last traces of winter road salt and slush with a good cleaning. Then refresh the area around your front door with new entry mats and a reorganized storage zone.

6. Enhance a view with flowers.

Speed along spring by strategically planting flowers where you can view them from inside. Consider potted flowers on a patio, window boxes on the porch or a flowering vine planted just outside the bedroom window.

7. Set up outdoor rooms.

Get those outdoor tables and chairs cleaned and set up in the backyard (or on the porch) where you can enjoy them. While you’re at it, consider stocking up on outdoor entertaining essentials, like unbreakable plates and versatile mason jars — having what you need on hand makes it easier to throw impromptu parties.

8. Plant a cut-flower garden for homegrown bouquets.

Consider setting aside a small, sunny area of your backyard or side yard to plant flowers for the express purpose of cutting. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning a cutting garden, but do try to plant flowers that will bloom at different points in the year, so you’ll always have something to cut.

9. Make a clean sweep of your cleaning tools.

Broom looking ragged? Ironing board seen better days? You just might feel a bit more inspired to spring clean if your tools are fresh and in good condition.

10. Tidy up outdoor supplies.

Hoses, rakes and spare plant pots tend to sprawl across the yard in spring. Take a morning to straighten things up and take stock of your supplies. If you do a lot of gardening, consider investing in a potting bench or toolshed to house your supplies.

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10 Home Decor Improvements You Can Do in Just One Hour

We love homemade DIY projects that are quick and easy, but make a HUGE difference to your home. When we saw this article we loved their ideas; so simple and yet so inspired!


Changing the clocks has got us thinking about what a difference one hour makes. We all know we would benefit from an extra hour of sleep, maybe another hour to run errands, or an additional hour in our weekends, but how much of a difference can one hour make in your home? Well, you can be the judge of that, with these 1-hour home improvement DIY ideas from productive Hometalk bloggers!

1. Install a new faucet and sink

Upgrade a tired bathroom by switching out the hardware. Before calling in a costly professional, find out just how quick and easy this home improvement is to DIY — here’s how it’s done!


2. Fill those empty walls

Nothing says “design in progress” like stark, empty walls. The right wall decor can make any room look put together and well arranged, and this decorating hack is the shortcut to get it done.


3. Set up a succulent terrarium

Bring your home to life in less than an hour, with these easy DIY terrariums. Don’t worry — even if you’re a certified black thumb, you won’t have any trouble keeping succulents in your home.


4. Hang a rope-wrapped porch swing

Upgrade a hanging porch swing or hammock chair, by wrapping that clunky metal chain in thick rope. This quick update won’t only improve your decor, it will eliminate pinched fingers for good!


5. Earn the best owner award

All it takes is one hour to become your kitty’s favorite person, with a sweet cat window perch. It’s a fun home detail for you and a cozy lounging spot for your fur baby. Instructions here!


6. Add easy porch seating

Whether you’re looking for decor or function, this mini rustic bench can be built in 1 hour, and for just $8! It’s spring — why not add some fun detail to your outdoor spaces? Here’s how to do it.


7. Put up cafe curtains in any room

Finding the right window treatment can be a challenge, and putting it up can be a pain. Instead, try this 1 hour window treatment hack, to add a little character to your home without too much stress.


8. Make some stylish bathroom storage

Attach an old wooden crate to your bathroom wall, and voila! You’ve got the perfect charming perch for extra TP rolls. With all that extra time, add more details if you’ve got ’em, like a vintage license plate to close off your crate.


9. Build a blanket or towel ladder

You’ve been seeing these trendy storage ladders everywhere, but without a ladder of your own, you were out of luck. Here’s the 1 hour ladder DIY to help you get your linens in order!


10. Create a pretty jewelry organizer

Turn thrift store supplies into colorful storage, with this thrifty 1 hour upcycle for a double-duty DIY that holds your jewelry and looks fab doing it!

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An Exciting Project: The Livingston Living Room

For the Livingston Living Room project, the home owners wanted a whole new look and design for their living area. Before their living area lacked a color or design scheme, and needed a little more warmth and personality from the home owners bringing to it. The home owners wanted something new and different, and a room they’d be able to enjoy and use more every day.

We gave them a new neutral wall color and custom drapery, which made the room incredibly stylish and unique and brought new life into the room. We removed the floral theme that had featured in the previous room and replaced it with much more neutral drapes and fresh modern art work. We installed a custom built fireplace mantel which included a place for their television above the fire, allowing for a whole new entertainment side to the room. A new complementary elegant lighting fixture was included in the decor which was certainly a key feature in the room and brought out all of the new colors in the living area. A new rug was also laid down which went very well with the new color scheme.

We also added decorative accents and several new pieces of furniture including new seating and a wardrobe for much needed storage. The room on completion delighted the owners.

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The Somerset Living Room – A Modern Tranformation

In the Somerset Living Room, the room before lacked color and personality, so we injected new style and life in to it. The home owners wanted something completely new and different and to bring new life into the space they used so frequently.

The windows had previously been bare and unused, so we added a new neutral wall color around them and custom drapery, removing the floral patterns from the living area. A custom built fireplace mantel was installed which allowed the TV to be fitted into the surround and gave the room a great entertainment feel. We also installed 3/4″ hardwood flooring which added a modern day twist to this stunning room and made it feel cozy and very inviting. Warmth was created with a new area rug, and decorative accents were added as well as several new furniture pieces to bring the entire room together. Colorful accents were added in the form of new art work and floral arrangements, proving that it is the little touches that can really make a difference in a home.

The new owners loved the new look and are looking forward to spending many evenings in their new living room, as well as bringing friends and family around to show off their new room.

A Stunning Project: The Metuchen Fireplace

For this Metuchen Fireplace project, the owners’ fireplace when we began was a simple installation in the wall; it lacked any color or design which is where we stepped in to help. A fireplace can become a real centerpiece in any room, adding life and color and making it a lovely piece for any size family and certainly perfect for warm and cozy nights in. This is exactly what the family were looking for.

We got together and planned the project from start to finish; we wanted it to project warmth, be inviting, stand out in its own right and be a piece that anyone coming through the home would love.

We designed and constructed a custom fireplace surround in a stunning white, which included a situated position for the family TV at the top of the surround. For the fire below, we installed a custom glass tile around the fire box which looked stunning and added color and pattern to the project, especially against the main white backdrop. When the fire was on and the TV fully working, it looked like it had always been a part of the family home.

The entire project looked beautiful on completion and the family loved it. It will certainly prove popular with family and friends too.

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Decorating: How to Refresh and Revive Your Home for the New Year

With Christmas done and dusted for another year, January is the perfect month to cast a fresh eye over every room in your home. Maybe parts of your abode are looking a little jaded, or perhaps some features would simply welcome an injection of bold color or pattern? Follow these easy updates and I guarantee your home will be filled with a renewed sense of verve and vigor you never knew it had!

Reboot your bedroom

Why not give your bedroom a very simple refresh with a brand new set of bed linen? After all, there’s nothing nicer than climbing into a bed made up with freshly laundered sheets. Stick to crisp whites and soft neutrals – and treat yourself to flowers by the bed for an uplifting hint of spring.



Revamp your cushions

If your sofa is a tiny bit tired, pep it up with new cushions – they’re such a simple way to lift a room without much outlay. Or consider tracking down fabric offcuts and simply re-cover your existing cushions for a cost-effective update. If you can stretch to it, a new rug will add fresh energy to your living room, especially one with a bright design like this.



Hang up your art

I’m guilty of this one. Whether it’s old photos that need framing or beautiful ceramic plaques that would look far better on the wall than shoved in a cupboard, many of us have images, prints and artwork that desperately need hanging up.

If you’re struggling to find the right place for each piece, you can’t go wrong if you simply group them en masse to create an ever-evolving art gallery that will freshen a space and draw the eye.

Read tips on how to choose and display art



Do a paint job

It’s such an easy fix, but so very effective. Channel your inner colour guru and paint one wall in that dramatic shade you’ve been hankering after. This deep grey-blue adds a new dimension to this room, or try a panel of a zingy bright or fresh pastel.

As you’re only covering one area, you can get away with a very small pot of paint, so it’s not only a quick and simple fix, it’s cost-effective, too.



Display your treasures

It’s one of my big interiors bugbears, and, hands up, I’m guilty of this one, too. If you have a stash of pretty china, vintage paperweights, old ornaments – or any collection of treasures you adore – hidden away behind cupboard doors, then dust them off and put them on display. They will add interest to the room and give you a lift every time you walk in.

These glass bell jars are a stylish way to show off your most prized possessions and the arrangement can be swapped and changed as you please.



Make a good first impression

The hall is the first and last room you see, so make sure yours is fresh, functional and free from clutter. Be inspired by this pared-back entrance and make sure you have plenty of hooks so everything can be lifted off the floor. This bench is attractive, but if you have a busy household, consider a design that includes storage. Finally, hang a big mirror – it will visually widen a narrow space and boost light levels in one.



Beautify your bathroom

If you’ve gradually let the shampoo bottles and tubs of body cream take over your bathroom surfaces, stashing away all of your lotions and potions will instantly freshen up the space.

For a quick fix, track down a vintage-style cupboard like this one and use it to stack towels and keep products organised but on display. Try second-hand shops to find a piece that can be painted and repurposed to add a splash of character to your daily ablutions.



Stretch to a new splashback

OK, it’s a slightly bigger project than adding a few cushions, but fitting a new splashback will pep up your kitchen no end. A strip of bold colour will lift a neutral scheme, or try a slab of a luxurious material, such as marble, for a kitchen that will feel like new.

See more splashbacks that will transform your kitchen



Clean up your act

Finally, once all the Christmas gifts have found a new home and the last decoration has been stashed away for another year, why not give the house a deep clean? It’s a sure-fire way to add fresh sparkle to your home. After all the festive cooking and entertaining that’s gone on, it’s a great idea to get scrubbing so you can start 2015 with a fresh slate.


Basement Transformation Project

In this recent and very exciting project, we were called in to help with a basement that was very outdated and needed a lot of work. With wood paneling  walls and ceiling that was stuck in a timewarp from the 1970’s, it needed a total makeover to turn this dated space into a fun and modernized space.

Ugly basement before 1 The stairs leading down to the basement were archaic and weary. We opened up both sides of the staircase, getting rid of the wall and installing a brand new banister, enabling the room to open up and look refreshing and inviting.

ugly basement Before 2
The wood from all of the walls was completely removed and painted a lovely taupe color, and the trim and poles were painted a crisp white. Previously the space under the stairs had been completely unused. We turned it into a wine bar and storage, with much needed shelving.

ugly basement AFTER center of stairs
A new bathroom for the basement was also installed, as well as a TV and entertainment area. It is fair to say that the home owners will be spending a lot of time in their new basement.

ugly basement AFTER turn the corner
The transformation of the whole area is stunning; it does not look like the same space. Take a look for yourself.

ugly basement AFTER left of stairs

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Basking Ridge- Kitchen Makeover

Basking Ridge before renovation

If you take a look at the photo above, this was a kitchen we worked on. It is a very common 1960’s themed kitchen; cupboards, units and fixtures are all still in place from this era. Teak wood was very popular back then, and this sort of kitchen was incredibly prevalent and hip at the time, gracing the homes of those who loved their contemporary kitchenette; it had Formica countertops (all the rage!), an electric range and several roomy countertops that the 1960’s housewife relished so she could hide away all of her food items and kitchen appliances, and keep a tidy work surface. A kitchen floor matched in with the exceptional look of the cabinets.


Jump to the modern day and this kitchen was definitely wedged in a time trap, and in desperate need of restoration to a kitchen more craved by today’s modern housewife.


Take a look at it now…

Black White Kitchen Basking Ridge

The entire kitchen was gutted out and a lot of work put in to take it towards the up-to-date kitchen you can see below. New custom made cabinets were added in a sophisticatedly immaculate white with glass handles on the doors. A new window was fitted to allow a refreshing look into the outdoors, and a marble countertop was added throughout the kitchen, making this eating and cooking space a real winner for any modern homeowner. A stylish cooker and stove was added and new harmonizing tiling around the walls to accompany the decor.


What a difference the new work makes; we envision that guests will certainly be hanging out in the kitchen for any future gatherings at this address! This is a great example of how an old and outdated kitchen can be made into a savvy modern design.


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Bachelor Living Room Re-do Montclair, NJ

 We’ve all heard the tired tropes about a bachelor pad, ones that assume it has no style or flair.


For this bachelor in Montclair, we wanted to make sure that this wasn’t the case.


Before Bachelor LR Montclair w wht frame

We started with a pleasant room with great natural light. It was just a little empty with no real cohesive color palette.

This room wasn’t being utilized to its full potential.

After Bachleor LR Montclair w wht frame


With heavy furniture and earthy tones, we built a “masculine” feel for this man-cave. Leather seating and wood furniture add sophistication and class to the room. A brown hue for the wall with cream trim creates a living room space that calls out to be lived in. The couch, chair, and stuffed ottoman invite guests to sit and enjoy the new decor.

A Unique Transformation: The Gold Dining Room

This dining room truly demonstrates how a color scheme unites a room! The color gold is used to completely alter a rooms appearance. 

Before, this dining room was underutilized. Painted in a muted white with the only accent as the trim, it was begging for a transformation! Unused and outdated, it needed new life injected in to it, something that really gave it the ‘wow’ factor. We were called in to help and loved the challenge that this project presented.

Before Gold Dining Room w wht frame

There were many possibilities open to us on what to do with this space; the white presented a completely blank canvas! The people we were working with wanted something unique and a little bit different, so we got our creative minds to work and begin to think around the color gold; just how could we take this stunning color and turn it into a beautiful and stunning dining room?

After Gold Dining Room w wht frameThe result: this former shell of a room is a full-scale formal dining room. The gold color used on the ceiling creates a fully-enveloped space perfect for entertaining family and friends. The brown color scheme builds an inviting and loving look that entices someone to enter and truly appreciate the room’s size and depth. The large windows and custom crown molding and trimmed ceiling are accented in white paint while the windows are dressed in custom gold Roman shades, naturally drawing the eye to the natural light that spills into the room. The gold has fully transformed this space in to something unique.