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An Exciting Project: The Livingston Living Room

For the Livingston Living Room project, the home owners wanted a whole new look and design for their living area. Before their living area lacked a color or design scheme, and needed a little more warmth and personality from the home owners bringing to it. The home owners wanted something new and different, and a room they’d be able to enjoy and use more every day.

We gave them a new neutral wall color and custom drapery, which made the room incredibly stylish and unique and brought new life into the room. We removed the floral theme that had featured in the previous room and replaced it with much more neutral drapes and fresh modern art work. We installed a custom built fireplace mantel which included a place for their television above the fire, allowing for a whole new entertainment side to the room. A new complementary elegant lighting fixture was included in the decor which was certainly a key feature in the room and brought out all of the new colors in the living area. A new rug was also laid down which went very well with the new color scheme.

We also added decorative accents and several new pieces of furniture including new seating and a wardrobe for much needed storage. The room on completion delighted the owners.

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How to Have a Little More Fun With Your Decor

It’s easy to go for tried and tested decor, but giving your home an offbeat twist can be more fun. If you’re new to adventurous interiors, you can dip a toe in the water by focusing on little details that pack a punch.

Play with scale.

We get so used to seeing neat arrangements of accessories — a tasteful trio of table lamps or a midsize vase and a smaller votive candle — that we think that’s how it must be done. Play around with pieces in an unexpected scale — such as this oversize flower arrangement on a small side table — and you will find yourself with all sorts of new possibilities. You can take this playfulness onto other surfaces, such as mantelpieces, shelving and dining tables too.

Go for quirky shelving.

Who says shelving has to be horizontal? These unusual box shelves are designed to be mounted at an angle. There are many offbeat and beautiful designs available these days as an alternative to the standard bookcase — so dare to be different.

Mount your favorite pieces.

A feature wall doesn’t have to be just about wallpaper. This homeowner has gone one step further by mounting a collection of vintage radios on the wall. Create your own 3D feature wall from old cameras, musical instruments, hats — just make it something you’re committed to collecting and that you will actually enjoy looking at day after day.

Turn clothing into art.

A beautiful vintage tea dress, a pretty kimono or a tailored suit can be turned into art. It’s a wonderful way to add interest to an alcove.

Choose cheeky wallpaper.

Add some fun to your hallway and set the tone with some Bond Girls wallpaper, or pick a risqué burlesque design. Alternatively, wallpaper designed for kids can look effective in a grown-up context. Fancy hot-air balloons or foxes in the hallway? Why not?

Mix traditional and retro.

Playful design is often about an unexpected juxtaposition. Disco balls are not, of course, authentic decor for a medieval priory with a beamed ceiling, but quirky finishing touches like this will set your home apart. When you’re tired of them, just take them down.

Carry it through to artwork.

Urban art looks great in a traditional period home, particularly above an elegant fireplace like this, which accentuates its subversive edge. Likewise, mixing traditional oil paintings or old masters into an ultracontemporary scheme will make them stand out.

Banish the white ceiling.

Many homes have white ceilings to keep from overpowering the flooring, walls and accessories. But what if you decide to make the ceiling the star of the show? Ornate tiles offer a big dose of the unexpected when paired with a plain white floor and walls.

Get nostalgic with Legos.

Bring a bit of your childhood back through Lego bricks. Here they jazz up a dividing wall. Surely incorporating toys into your interior is the ultimate in playfulness?

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Basement Transformation Project

In this recent and very exciting project, we were called in to help with a basement that was very outdated and needed a lot of work. With wood paneling  walls and ceiling that was stuck in a timewarp from the 1970’s, it needed a total makeover to turn this dated space into a fun and modernized space.

Ugly basement before 1 The stairs leading down to the basement were archaic and weary. We opened up both sides of the staircase, getting rid of the wall and installing a brand new banister, enabling the room to open up and look refreshing and inviting.

ugly basement Before 2
The wood from all of the walls was completely removed and painted a lovely taupe color, and the trim and poles were painted a crisp white. Previously the space under the stairs had been completely unused. We turned it into a wine bar and storage, with much needed shelving.

ugly basement AFTER center of stairs
A new bathroom for the basement was also installed, as well as a TV and entertainment area. It is fair to say that the home owners will be spending a lot of time in their new basement.

ugly basement AFTER turn the corner
The transformation of the whole area is stunning; it does not look like the same space. Take a look for yourself.

ugly basement AFTER left of stairs

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Bachelor Living Room Re-do Montclair, NJ

 We’ve all heard the tired tropes about a bachelor pad, ones that assume it has no style or flair.


For this bachelor in Montclair, we wanted to make sure that this wasn’t the case.


Before Bachelor LR Montclair w wht frame

We started with a pleasant room with great natural light. It was just a little empty with no real cohesive color palette.

This room wasn’t being utilized to its full potential.

After Bachleor LR Montclair w wht frame


With heavy furniture and earthy tones, we built a “masculine” feel for this man-cave. Leather seating and wood furniture add sophistication and class to the room. A brown hue for the wall with cream trim creates a living room space that calls out to be lived in. The couch, chair, and stuffed ottoman invite guests to sit and enjoy the new decor.

A Unique Transformation: The Gold Dining Room

This dining room truly demonstrates how a color scheme unites a room! The color gold is used to completely alter a rooms appearance. 

Before, this dining room was underutilized. Painted in a muted white with the only accent as the trim, it was begging for a transformation! Unused and outdated, it needed new life injected in to it, something that really gave it the ‘wow’ factor. We were called in to help and loved the challenge that this project presented.

Before Gold Dining Room w wht frame

There were many possibilities open to us on what to do with this space; the white presented a completely blank canvas! The people we were working with wanted something unique and a little bit different, so we got our creative minds to work and begin to think around the color gold; just how could we take this stunning color and turn it into a beautiful and stunning dining room?

After Gold Dining Room w wht frameThe result: this former shell of a room is a full-scale formal dining room. The gold color used on the ceiling creates a fully-enveloped space perfect for entertaining family and friends. The brown color scheme builds an inviting and loving look that entices someone to enter and truly appreciate the room’s size and depth. The large windows and custom crown molding and trimmed ceiling are accented in white paint while the windows are dressed in custom gold Roman shades, naturally drawing the eye to the natural light that spills into the room. The gold has fully transformed this space in to something unique.

Custom Ceiling Elegance in Short Hills

Custom Trim Ceiling ShortHills BlogAs the backdrop to a Swarvoski crystal pendant; our client in Short Hills was looking for something just as ornate to complete their elegant dining room ceiling.  Created off a hand-drawing, the client immediately loved the shape and monochromatic white on white look we suggested using Benjamin Moore semi gloss paint.

We got to work to create the custom ceiling elegance and loved the project from start to finish. A ceiling has so much potential in a home and we certainly took the opportunity to make this ceiling as beautiful as we possibly could. On completion it looked stunning; it stood out beautifully against the backdrop of the crystal pendant and the room had changed completely because of it, displaying a wonderfully unique personality. Against the furniture in the room and the other lighting, it had become a room fit to hold many a dinner party and to certainly show off at any available chance. The clients were incredibly happy with the finished product.

Think your ceiling could be a little more interesting? Drop us a line and talk through your ideas; we’re always on the lookout to design more unique and individual ceiling projects.