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15 Fun Features for Family Rooms

We love spending time with our families, so this article from Houzz about fun features for family rooms really caught our eye! We love their original ideas and hope you will too. 


The family room is where you go to relax, watch movies, play games and hang out with friends — which makes it a great place in which to loosen up, decorating-wise. Create a fun, welcoming atmosphere in your family room by incorporating one or more of these 15 playful features, from photo murals to game tables.

1. Custom photo mural.

These creative homeowners had The Wall Sticker Company turn a photograph of their children into removable fabric wallpaper with an adhesive backing. Create a feature wall in your own family room using your favorite photo to personalize the space — and start conversations!

2. Projection paint.

If your family loves movie night, why not go with a projector instead of a giant TV? A blank wall here is coated with flat white projection paint, and a projector is built into the wall opposite to create a mini screening area. If you don’t want a built-in projector, you can buy a small projector that works with your smartphone or another device.

3. Family travel map mural.

A world map painted on the wall becomes an interactive feature when you use it to mark the places you have been. Use a coat of magnetic paint under the mural to create a magnetic surface, or have a large corkboard painted so you can pin flags directly on the map.

4. Fun accent furniture.

Since the family room is often tucked away from the other, more formal spaces, it is a good place for getting a little more playful with furniture and decor. Try your hand at making DIY dice tables like the ones shown here (just paint dots on a plain cube), or scoop up a funky vintage piece at the flea market.

5. Games table.

If your crew loves to play cards and board games, consider adding a game table to your family room. A slender table with stools can be pushed against the wall when not in use, with the stools tucked underneath.

6. Bright rug.

Bring neutral furniture and paint colors to life with a cheerful rug in bright, bold hues. Bonus: Bold patterns tend to hide spills and stains better than most solid-hued rugs. And if you don’t want to worry about spills at all, choose an indoor-outdoor rug that can be wiped clean with ease.

7. Chalkboard wall.

Kids love chalkboard walls, it’s true … but they are not the only ones! Use yours to record inspiring quotes, snippets of poems and song lyrics, or draw doodles and write lists. If you’re concerned about dust, use chalk pens; if you’re concerned about the room’s looking too dark, use one of the new chalk paints that can be tinted in any hue.

8. Family photo wall.

Create a contemporary family photo wall by lining up all of your frames within the boundaries of an imaginary rectangle drawn on the wall. Position simple, matching white frames close together, for a fresh look that seems hard but is surprisingly easy to achieve. For a gallery wall like this, it can be easier to choose the frames first (lay them on the floor of the store to be sure you’re picking the right sizes and number) and the photos later.

9. Window seat with storage.

If your family room is small, don’t let the space beneath a window go to waste — turn it into comfy seating and storage in one with a window seat. A thick cushion and throw pillows make it comfortable, and basket storage below is great for holding books and board games.

10. Revamped heirlooms.

Update a family-favorite piece that has seen better days by having it reupholstered in a fresh, colorful fabric you love, and top it with coordinating pillows. The pairing of contemporary fabric with a traditional frame sets a playful mood that’s perfect for a heavily trafficked family room.

11. Slide-out puzzle desk.

You could use a slide-out desk like this to hold a laptop, but where’s the fun in that? If you have puzzle fans in your house, they will appreciate this feature — work on a puzzle when you want, and slide it away for later without wrecking it.

12. Barn-door TV cover.

Wish you could take the emphasis away from the big black box when you’re not using it? Hop on a new iteration of the barn-door bandwagon and rig up a set to slide over your flat-screen. The doors will look great open or closed.

13. House-rules wall decal.

A fun wall decal or print with a message can be a heartfelt reminder of the things your family values most. Search for “house rules” online — the Houzz Shop is a good place to start your search — and lots of options should pop up, both ready made and custom.

14. Kids’ play area.

If you have young children in the house, a train or Lego table and a few low pouf seats can provide wee ones with screen-free entertainment. Keep a set of storage bins on shelves nearby stocked with toys kids can help themselves to.

15. Lively artwork.

Adding a single piece of original artwork is always a great way to start (or complete) a room design, and can take a family room from basic to stunning in the time it takes you to hang a picture. To highlight a painting, keep other wall art to a minimum, and paint the walls white or another neutral hue to provide a backdrop for the art.

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Apartment Decor You Can Make During a Snowstorm

There are a lot of ways to keep cabin fever at bay during a snowstorm, and crafting up apartment decor is definitely one of them.


America (especially the East Coast), we hear you: It’s really cold out there. The snow continues to fall, the temperatures are plummeting and you’re longing for patios, warm weather and not having to bundle up so much. However, coming up with great ideas to keep your apartment looking nice and cozy will make getting snowed in not so bad after all!


Not only will these projects help pass the time on those dreary winter evenings, but you can stay productive and increase the value of your apartment, which is sure to make your landlord happy.


Here are some great apartment decor ideas for renters who love the do-it-yourself aesthetic:


Add Some Flair to Your Bookcases

Bookcases have a practical purpose, but there’s no reason why they don’t deserve a little extra attention along with your other furniture. For instance, you can add patterned paper along the shelf backings for some extra pizzazz or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try your hand at painting your bookcases! A little splash of color can go a long way in an otherwise “blah” room.


In fact, painting your furniture in general is an easy way to sprinkle some of your colorful personality into the apartment, especially if your landlord is particularly stringent about what you can and can’t paint.

Make your Own Knobs and Pulls

Not a huge fan of those kitchen cabinets? All it takes is a quick trip to the home goods store and a few crafting supplies, and you can make your very own cabinet knobs and pulls.

You can make these as flashy or muted as you like, but custom​-made knobs add a lot of character into a kitchen, which is a room that tends to get ignored when it comes to apartment decor.

Use Vintage Necklaces to Tie Back Your Curtains

Your landlord might not let you change out the curtains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce them up a bit. Take a cue from Buzzfeed and find some inexpensive vintage rhinestone necklaces while you are out shopping. Then, use them to tie back your curtains. This adds a lot of sparkle to your living room or bedroom without going overboard.

Frame Pieces of Fabric

If you can’t shell out the big bucks for purchased art or aren’t much of a painter, head to your local fabric store and pick up a pattern that you like for a fraction of the price. Simply tie the fabric around a frame and hang it like you would a poster or painting. Your guests will never know you spent less than $20 for such beautiful wall decor.

Hang Clipboards Instead of Picture Frames

Mashable shared the brilliant idea of hanging clipboards instead of picture frames. These can serve a practical purpose, such as posting a grocery list or a list of to-dos in the kitchen. However, we love the thought of clipping some of your favorite photos to the clipboards in areas like your bedroom or living room. Not only do these add a wonderful personal touch to your apartment decor, but they are also quite easy on your wallet.

Ribbon Your Lampshades

Better Homes and Gardens came up with this quick and easy craft that adds a beautiful splash of color to those boring white and beige lampshades. Simply pick up ribbon(s) in whichever hue(s) you prefer at your local craft store.

Next, tie the ribbon around the top or bottom of the lampshade and secure the ends in a knot. You can add some hot glue if you really want to make sure the ribbon is secure.

Use Wine Corks to Create Wall Art

A lot of wine aficionados like to collect the corks for the bottles they’ve enjoyed. Why not use these corks to create one-of-a-kind wall art to showcase all of the varietals you’ve sipped on this winter?

All you need is an adhesive to fasten the corks to one another and some wall hooks. If you like, you can even use polyurethane for an extra glossy feel.

Make a Paintbrush Vase

Country Living blogger Camilla Fabbri came up with an adorable idea of using your old paintbrushes to create a stunning vase. All you need to do is grab a vase, wrap two rows of plain rubber bands around the vase.

Then, one by one, slide the paintbrushes inside of the bands until the paintbrushes completely surround the vase. This is going to look quite gorgeous on your kitchen table once spring rolls around and your vase is full of seasonal blooms!

Hide Your Wireless Router in an Old Hollowed-Out Book

Do you have an old hardback book that’s completely falling apart? Kill two birds with one stone by hollowing out the book so just the frame is left. Then, simply slide your router inside and rest other knick-knacks on top.

Let’s face it: Routers aren’t the prettiest of electronics, and this is a very clever idea to hide away this common eyesore.

There you have it! With a little creativity, a few hours and maybe a little elbow grease, you can create your very own handmade apartment decor with ease.


Blog from: http://huff.to/1BfLHLE


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