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A Unique Transformation: The Gold Dining Room

This dining room truly demonstrates how a color scheme unites a room! The color gold is used to completely alter a rooms appearance. 

Before, this dining room was underutilized. Painted in a muted white with the only accent as the trim, it was begging for a transformation! Unused and outdated, it needed new life injected in to it, something that really gave it the ‘wow’ factor. We were called in to help and loved the challenge that this project presented.

Before Gold Dining Room w wht frame

There were many possibilities open to us on what to do with this space; the white presented a completely blank canvas! The people we were working with wanted something unique and a little bit different, so we got our creative minds to work and begin to think around the color gold; just how could we take this stunning color and turn it into a beautiful and stunning dining room?

After Gold Dining Room w wht frameThe result: this former shell of a room is a full-scale formal dining room. The gold color used on the ceiling creates a fully-enveloped space perfect for entertaining family and friends. The brown color scheme builds an inviting and loving look that entices someone to enter and truly appreciate the room’s size and depth. The large windows and custom crown molding and trimmed ceiling are accented in white paint while the windows are dressed in custom gold Roman shades, naturally drawing the eye to the natural light that spills into the room. The gold has fully transformed this space in to something unique.