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Basking Ridge- Kitchen Makeover

Basking Ridge before renovation

If you take a look at the photo above, this was a kitchen we worked on. It is a very common 1960’s themed kitchen; cupboards, units and fixtures are all still in place from this era. Teak wood was very popular back then, and this sort of kitchen was incredibly prevalent and hip at the time, gracing the homes of those who loved their contemporary kitchenette; it had Formica countertops (all the rage!), an electric range and several roomy countertops that the 1960’s housewife relished so she could hide away all of her food items and kitchen appliances, and keep a tidy work surface. A kitchen floor matched in with the exceptional look of the cabinets.


Jump to the modern day and this kitchen was definitely wedged in a time trap, and in desperate need of restoration to a kitchen more craved by today’s modern housewife.


Take a look at it now…

Black White Kitchen Basking Ridge

The entire kitchen was gutted out and a lot of work put in to take it towards the up-to-date kitchen you can see below. New custom made cabinets were added in a sophisticatedly immaculate white with glass handles on the doors. A new window was fitted to allow a refreshing look into the outdoors, and a marble countertop was added throughout the kitchen, making this eating and cooking space a real winner for any modern homeowner. A stylish cooker and stove was added and new harmonizing tiling around the walls to accompany the decor.


What a difference the new work makes; we envision that guests will certainly be hanging out in the kitchen for any future gatherings at this address! This is a great example of how an old and outdated kitchen can be made into a savvy modern design.


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